Automatic stretch films in width less than 500 mm that can be used on all types of machines, including wrapping machines with horizontal rotating rings. Recommended use for general bundling and bundling long products such as profiles, doors, pipes, rolls of fabric or carpet.

Orbital Films

• Widths starting from 10cm • Available from 17 up to 27mic • Quiet and Fast unwinding • 100% Recyclable • Minimum 30% Recycled Content • Outside Slippery to avoid pallets or packages sticking during storage and transport

Our papercores come in different weights, lengths and diameters according to your needs. We produce sustainable products with innovative approaches and also develop our products that reduce paper usage. For handfilms, we use lighter but extra strong cores.

Stretch Film for Orbital Spiral Wrap Machine

Mini Rolls

• Widths starting from 10cm 
• Flush cores or Extended cores for easy capture
• Very easy to apply
• Quiet and Fast unwinding
• 100% Recyclable
• Minimum 30% Recycled Content 
• Clean use: they leave no trace and do not damage the covered surfaces
• Good puncture and tear resistance

This is our tape substitute stretch film. Ideal for securing small boxes or bundling awkward items. 

Mini Rolls