Our Premium Films are ecological, thin gauged technical films with high efficiency and cost saving per meter. Basically these are alternative to traditional high gauged films. We have various alternatives on this range based on your application and nature of your load.

Premium Series Performance Films

• 55% more film per roll • High Puncture and Tear Resistance • Reduced risk of damaging goods while wrapping • Money saver • Quick Lock Out • No Film Necking • Increased Retention Force • Reduced stockholding costs • Improved load stability • Applied correctly, film won't stretch further in transit • Quiet and fast unwinding • Maximising the film capacity • Less film required

This is a Quick Lock Out Rigid film, technically manufactured without prestretching ability. Thus it has High Puncture Resistance especially around the comers of the pallet. Minimizes your carbon footprint as you’ll be using less film, decreasing transport costs as well as saving shelf space in your warehouse. A great option from an environmental perspective and will help you reduce your packaging costs as well as waste tax. Rigid stretch film offers a significant waste reduction over traditional stretch films, and can replace films of 23mic and higher. Roll’s lightweight usage offers occupational safety, decreasing worker fatigue. Extremely strong, versatile and designed for high performance applications seeking higher tensile strengths, excellent puncture resistance and load retention.

Rigid 7-15

lt has an excellent film stretching capacity. Reduce your company’s packaging costs with our High Performance Stretch Films. The most effective film available on the market. High Performance Stretch Films are most efficient films on the market for uniform and semi-regular loads in high volume applications. Offering significant cost savings to users by decreasing film consumption up to 30% . Depending on the nature of the load, you can replace your thick films with our High Performance Films and be able to yield more film per roll yet ensuring the same load stability.

High Performance 7-15Mic

• Up to 300% pre-stretching capability
• Available in 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 ,12 and 15 Micron
• 20-40% thinner
• Decreased Packaging Costs Per Meter
• Use up to 30% less film
• Less waste
• Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
• Excellent Load Holding Force
• Versatility
• Quiet and fast unwinding
• 100% Recyclable
• High-performance at low thickness

High Performance 7-15

Pre-stretched Films 5-6-7-8mic

Film is pre-stretched in the manufacturing process down to 5-6-7-8mic. lt is effortless to apply. Decreases amount of film used per pallet thus offering considerable cost savings per unit packed and yields less waste.

• Double folded film on both sides
• No Film Necking (width stays same) 
• Economical: more pallets wrapped as there are more meters per roll
• Ecological: less weight therefore less waste 
• Ergonomic: effortless to apply

Pre-stretched Films 5-6-7-8mic