Eco-friendly Stretch Films

Wrap the World in Green: Eco-Friendly Stretch Film, Saving the Earth One Stretch at a Time! Sustainable solutions in the packaging sector are multiplying! We are always on the lookout for new products and innovations to offer you effective products with an eco-responsible approach.

• Realistic savings in film costs • Certified Films by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) • Certified Films (by AENOR 15343) • Conforming to the latest EU regulations • Offers up to 300% pre-stretch capability • Performing as well as a regular stretch film • Very good puncture and tear resistance • Very good load holding force • Versatility • Quiet and Fast unwinding • 100% Recyclable

Recycled Content Films are the next generation of stretch films to contain recycled material. We supply and deliver sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly packaging to our customers across EU and UK. We work hard to select products that are manufactured from 30% recycled content and are 100% recyclable, making them Plastic Tax Compliant, which is better for you, your customers, and the environment.

Recycled Content Films