KARA Holding has been active in the packaging film industry for over 12 years and is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of Packaging and Technical films. We offer films with high performance and consistency, providing efficient and economical solutions for your packaging requirements. For a better future, we believe in more humane and environmentally friendly production systems; hence, we organize all our activities from this perspective of conservation and reuse.

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Situated in Gaziantep, Kara Holding has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of Turkey’s corporate landscape, marked by a steadfast commitment to industrialization. Our trajectory, characterized by strategic foresight, has positioned us as a formidable presence in the nation’s business sphere. At Kara Holding, we are methodically advancing towards success, meticulously aligning our operations with international standards. Our progression is underpinned by a dedication to continuous improvement, where each step is a calculated move towards excellence.

Within the purview of our diverse operations, encompassing sectors from Fibre, Textile to Plastic, Hygienic Products to Energy Kara Holding manifests a comprehensive portfolio indicative of our versatility and unwavering pursuit of quality.

Since the advent of the new millennium, our imprint has been indelibly marked among Turkey’s foremost foundations. As we diversify our activities, the resonance of our influence extends across varied sectors. Yet, beyond our corporate identity, Kara Holding stands as a paragon of marketing acumen. Our brand epitomizes reliability, quality, and forward-thinking, reshaping industry standards Acknowledging the intrinsic link between corporate success and social responsibility, Kara Holding remains cognizant of its duty to contribute meaningfully to societal well-being. This ethos underscores our commitment to fostering a sustainable future, extending beyond profit margins. In essence, Kara Holding is not merely a conglomerate but an exemplar of progress, seamlessly integrating innovation with a formalized approach. Our journey is a testament to the confluence of strategic foresight, commitment to excellence, and a holistic perspective that defines our corporate identity.